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Brand: Andy Strapz
Product Code: ANVAS-PAN
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  • Carefully developed with ease of use and longevity in mind 
  • A fraction of the cost of hard panniers
  • Elegantly simple and functional
  • Ideal for Dual sport adventures or long distance touring
  • Tough as nails, 12oz reinforced Aussie canvas
  • Dust proof, highly water resistant, waterproof with optional liners
  • Variable volume via roll top closing
  • No zips to break or get clogged with dirt
  • Proven through thorough testing and constant attention to detail
  • Quite simply the toughest little buggers on the market!

Variable capacity from about 15 to 25 litres per bag via a roll top system, increasing the volume of the bag but not the width of the bike

PLEASE NOTE - Andy recommends the use of a 1250 Flat Strap around the base of the bags. This holds them against the frames more securely

Expedition Pannierz Info

  • Proven by hundreds of Aussie adventure riders in possibly the toughest environment on earth. (Read more)
  • Constructed of heavy weight, truck side, polyester reinforced Aussie canvas they will last for ages. Made to withstand the punishment that dual sport bikes or the serious tourer hands out.
  • Variable capacity from about 15 to 25 litres per bag via a roll top system, increasing the volume of the bag but not the width of the bike.
  • Light — these things weigh only 2 kg. Complete with my frame sets the whole package weighs in at around 4 kg! That's the weight of one hard box!

Now with reflective strips on each pocket.

     - Stiffening in the roll top seals off the bags from dust and water. 

- Clever touches such as a small strap that loops through grab rails or rack to prevent the bags vibrating forward over rough road.

- Mesh pocket on the rear panel for water or oil bottles. 

- Hard plastic internal panel for rigidity and strength. 

- Stiffened tops for accurate closing.

- Cut so that water runs down the outer edges and drips off, there are no catch points.

- Sturdily constructed, double stitched (triple in vital places) and beautifully finished.

- Specially reinforced cross straps.

- Quality Acetel nylon side release clips rated at 300kg.

- Rear securing straps to stop vibration forward on rough roads.

Four Pocket Expedition Pannierz
People have been asking for 4 pocket Expedition Pannierz, that is two pockets per side. We are now bowing to that pressure and offering them. Be aware of why I designed the panniers as I did though. The body of Expedition Pannierz were cut on human thigh length so that they would fit neatly under the pillion passenger's bent legs. Extra pockets on the front edge of the bags would make this uncomfortable. So if you carry a passenger don't go there!

Hard panniers pose a leg injury risk in a fall and are difficult to repair on the road. Damage to Expedition Pannierz from a fall can be fixed in almost any small village anywhere in the world. Try that with alloy boxes. Have you ever seen the contents of an alloy box after it has rattled along a bush track for an hour or two? A coating of black dust covers everything. A simple fall can stuff catches and lids. They are also very heavy and require a heavy frame to support them.  

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