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VSM make the suspension far more usable in the front with a set of springs and some oil changes. We have these rear springs made to our specs with various weights and sometimes we change the shim stack to compliment the spring

The original spring is around 6.5kg and can sag or lose tension if it’s been screwed up tight for long.

* The VSM 7kg spring is a good choice for stock replacement or for a rider up to 75kg carrying light loads
or on smooth roads.

* The VSM 8kg spring is the most common replacement and suits a wide range of riders and conditions. Recommended for 75kg to 100kg riders depending on load and conditions.

* The VSM 9kg spring suits riders 90kg plus or heavier loads.
This one really should have the shock re-valved to get the damping working with the spring.

I recommend owners don’t get too strung up about the correct rates as the DR is used for such a wide range of applications it is not possible to get it to work luxuriously everywhere. I always consider that it will be ridden a little more conservatively when there is a full fuel and luggage load and riding becomes a little more spirited as the load burns off.
It is worth considering your damper (shock body) as it needs to work in tune with the spring, if your bike is fairly new, say under 5000kms, the shock oil should be OK and would work fine with the 7kg spring and OK with the 8kg if you and the load is in the lighter end of the range. The full benefit of the 8kg spring and 9kg is realised with oil and valving upgrades. 
If you are unsure which spring you should choose, give us a call on our DR650 hotline (02) 67210650

VSM can provide a quick turnaround service on these as long as we know you are sending the damper and please include all details about yourself, especially your contact details!

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